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Japanese Rock (non-Visual)

Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
I am looking for some Japanese rock music,but not Visual stuff

I like bands with cool guitar sounds

I love B'z
they are my favourite mainstream band

and I am not looking for metal stuff,
although I like metal bands such as Concerto Moon,Double Dealer,Kelly Simonz,Saber Tiger...but I am not looking for that kind of music right now
and I do not like punk rock

You might want to try asking this question in the J-Pop Forum too... I know there's lots of visual fans there, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who could answer this question as well...

Hmmm... B'z is a pretty unique group, but I'll try to make a few recommendations. Some of these groups aren't strictly rock, but do have some definite rock songs/styles...

Mr. Children has always been one of my favorites... they've got a nice classic rock combo sound.

Spitz is also good in a similar vein... try "Memories" or "Yume oi mushi" for examples of their rock stuff.

Although they may be slightly "visual", I'd still recommend checking out Siam Shade... they have some of the most interesting guitar work I've heard among the mainstream groups.

For an unusual suggestion, check out The Back Horn... I really liked the song "Mirai" they contributed to the movie "Akarui mirai".

Do you like "classic rock" at all? If so, I can recommend some older, '70s era rock groups from Japan as well...

Hope this helps...

hard rock

but I have failed to find any mp3s of this band
Heard of Oblivion Dust? They're really good, and not visual. But they only have about 10 or so Japanese songs, outta like 70 total. And some of their stuff might be too much on the metal/punk side.
I love B'z as well.

have you tried GO!GO!7188?

Sex Machineguns is really great as well.

Also try:

Yellow Machinegun
THE ALFEE (actually, they might also be considered pop. *shrugs)
*gasps* Michi, you like Sex Machineguns?

For years I've sworn I was the only one who loved them.
Winter said:
*gasps* Michi, you like Sex Machineguns?

For years I've sworn I was the only one who loved them.

hehe. you're definitely not alone. 👍 😄
Bump of Chicken, Chirolyn and The Angels, Sons of all Pussys, The Back Horn and Acidman.
hrmm...so many..umm..lesse...
porno graffiti, asian fung-fu generation, sophia, shiina ringo, olivia, bump of chicken, sex machineguns, l'arc en ciel, hyde's solo stuff is awesome too ><

theres more..but i think some of them might be visual kei..so yea ^.^;;
tetsu said L'Arc is not on the visual kei path. though they seems to be for a while to me. but now they are not, look at SMILE album.
yeh~~L'Arc~En~Ciel is not like a visual band, much more like poprock.
i like Southern All Star, their songs are really good. very old but very famous rock band.
B'z and Mr. Children are pretty good as well.~~:)
Mr. children
L'arc en ciel
tetsu69 (its more pop than rock)
hyde (666 album)
Siam Shade
Janne Da ARc ( I love how You play guitar at there)
caitcid said:
The pillows have pretty good rock music..most of their songs are well composed

At last, someone with good taste

Hmm... I guess I should contribute to this thread... Bivattchee is a really good Indie rock group (kinda hard to find mp3s though). I second Ajikan, and can't recommend The Pillows highly enough 👍
Here are my favorites:

The Pillows
Dir en Grey [altough Withering To Death album isn't too great]
Despairs Ray
X Japan
Bump Of Chicken
Luna Sea
Sadie [relatively new]

Dir en grey use to be HUGE with Visual Kei but they've really toned it down, if you like metal you should try them...
I'm putting in a word for The Back Horn (already been suggested, and definitely worth checking out 👍 ), Glay, and Electric Eel Shock. :p
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