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Japanese resources:Top and the latest sites ever to visit


12 Jun 2003
Hey it's going to be my 114th Thread I have posted in 1 mounth. well I need resources on japn don't care what it is Bios,Maps,places,FAQ's,ect... I am gonna put all that info in my site (I hope) Give me some pics of tokyo or what ever place you have visited I will try to put them up on my site the credits go to the people who give me info or what ever J-Material to put on my site. Thanks please Reply to this Thread as many times as you want. I also would like links and tuff that you thinki is the best place to go and to visit. Share with all of us who has come to this thread

Thank you again;)
Here are a few of my favorite links you might find interesting and worth checking out if so inclined:

One of my favorite sites to view some of the coolest photos in and around Tokyo is "Night Windows" that was actually brought to my attention by another member some time back.


The pics are absolutely gorgeous and some of the best I have ever seen bar none. Just hould your cursor over each listing on the middle right hand side if you are not familiar with the kanji and it will tell you in English what each gallery is of.

Although nowhere near as cool as "Night Windows", Jim Breen's Japanese page is one of the best resources i've found with quite a few useful links.

Jim Breen's Pages Have Moved

Although technically not a Japanese site, the following link is for former "Iron Chef" Masaharu Morimoto's gourmet restaurant in Philly. The menu is updated frequently and you can even get in touch with the man himself if so inclined through e-mail. :cool:


Another resouce page similar to Jim Breen's one is the following index from Osaka Kyoiku University which provides multiple links for education related resources (schools, projects, etc.). Many of the links are in Japanese and some are now defunct but it is still a useful resource imho for anyone interested in educational affairs.


Looking for stats on Japan? Check out the following governmental link. Great resource for J-related research as well.

Statistics Bureau Home Page

This is an affiliate site for SRO (Street Racing Online) in Japan and has some really nice JDM rides for your viewing pleasure. It's a bit small atm but hopefully it will be updated soon.

StreetRacing.org - The Legend

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