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Japanese Recipes!

Onigiri Chan

1 Dec 2003
Nyah! Who here doesn't like food? ^.^
Obviously i'm a huge fan of it, I think my favorite part is the preparation though. Speaking of which I was planning on cooking a nifty Japanese meal for my friend's birthday and i'd like any pointers or favorite recipes that anyone might have on hand! It'd be a great help!
I look forward to hearing from anyone! ^.^

Arigato Minasan! 🙂
Hi onigiri chan! Welcome ;)
Do you have access to a lot of Japanese ingredients? It's sometimes very difficult to get hold of the right stuff outside of Japan...you could always adjust the recipe I guess.

Here are some links:
Japanese Food & Recipes

Nabe is a great winter food that you can adjust to suit what's available in your area. Do you know nabe? (If not, the last link has some information about nabe if you look at the contents list) I loooove nabe, it's warm, cosy and a great meal to just relax and chat over. Then later zosui!(rice and egg added to left over soup stock to make a risotto) It is easy to eat too much though....:p

Oden is another great winter dish Try the Popular Japanese Hot Pot Dish: Oden

Thanks a bunch for all your help Nzueda! I hadn't expected such a reply so soon! I've heard of nabe, but I haven't tried it, i'm sure i'll like it though! I'm so grateful! It's not to difficult to get ingredients here, so I hope I wont have any problems...
If anyone else has any hints or recipes i'd be just as happy to have their help as I am to recieve Nzueda's. Thanks again!

Arigato Minasan! And thanks for the welcome Iron Chef🙂
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