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Japanese rap


28 Mar 2003
I am very interested in rap music and tryin'
2 find good artists all over the world, but in Japan, I just
found a few interesting artists like:
-DJ Krush

can anyone tell me some more rappers or interesting
places for hip hop fans 2 go 2 (in japan, of course).
Hi there Fyce,

DJ Krush doesn't rap. He's just a DJ/Producer. He has worked with some US-based rappers though, like Mos Def.

Here's a list of other rappers/hip-hop projects i know. Don't have any sites i can think of right now, but google usually gets the job done.

You the rock
Dragon Ash
Mob Squad
Rip Slyme
Mach 25
Palm Drive
Halcali (female fun hip-hop)
Yama Arashi

Well, that's all i can think of right now. Probably enough to keep you busy for a while. :)
Wassup Fyce :joyful:

I love hiphop and i have got some places that i can recommend to someone for hiphop lovers! My fav places are:

Yellow (Nishiazabu)
Nuts (Roppongi)
Air (Daikanyama)
Harlem(Shibuya) -> so famous!
Venos (Shibuya)
Velfarre (Roppongi) -> everyone knows!

And my fav. place is Yellow. This is more clean and they surve real good hiphop music for dancers. For me better than Harlem!

As for Japanese DJs, have you heard of "DJ Joey slick"? Well he is actually Japanese-American and his scratchings is just.. awesome! He also produces radio program called "Joint One Radio Show" on Inter FM (76.1) from 8-9pm during the week, you will never regret it!

"As for Japanese DJs, have you heard of "DJ Joey slick"?"

Speaking of turntables... Don't forget Hokkaido's very own DJ Honda baby. 'nuff said. 8-p


nope haven't heart about him only dj's a know:

-honda (have already see him life)
Yeah, Velfarre does trance too, but you can enjoy hiphop more!

Hmmm.. DJ Honda baby? I haven't heard of him.. ah and i also am into DJ pone. I have been to DJ competition at Venos and he was one of judges there, at last he played his own scratchings.. my jaw just dropped open! 😲
Here's an up and comer (one of Miami's own no less, and a Chinese-American) who's been getting a lot of exposure lately after winning seven fresstyle battles in a row on BET's "106 and Park" show. He goes by Jin and since then he's signed with Ruff Ryders (DMX, Eve, etc.) and is set to release his debut this year. Having seen him freestyle on BET I can attest this guy is for real and despite the fact he eerily sounds a lot like Eminem, I think he'll be a rising star to keep your eye on. Read more about him at the following link:


not 2 bad

yeah i've never heart of jin but today i could already listen 2
some songs of him....yeah he's dope
not the same level as jigga or others but not bad.

but i'd really say he's copying eminem's style.....
or it's just because they got such a similar voice.

jin da ruffryder it's strange man!
I haven't heard of Jin neither, i'll listen to him when i have got chance 👍 so far my fav is pone, netik, and joey slick tho. ;)
kick the can crew! heh if no one had heard them, then i would be happy to send you the mp3 of their first album on msn - its an hour mp3, but its good :D
Wow, Dabo actually did some solowork as well! Usually you only see him in collaboration projects. :)
Dragon Ash and Kick The Can Crew are good. Also a song called 'What you want' by Heartsdales is another good tune

Sukotto yori.
Hello... I am in the U.S. teaching Japanese to high school student.... sometimes we listen to rap..... this is what I found...
If you go to cdbaby.com and type in the name "Stoski" in the search box you will find a rap artist.. the names of the songs are in Japanese, and plus you can hear them...

http://www.cdbaby.com/found?artist=stoski&soundlike=&album=&style=;) ;)
hey dont forget, Heartsdales.. they're my fav. female duo who could definitely rap!

Mic banditz
Sphere of Influence
Rip slyme
Kick the can crew

thats all i know so far, but im sure someone knows more :)
I'm not into Japanese Rap and Hip-Hop period. But I am a little bit into American Rap and Hip-Hop._.
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