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Japanese Punk Fans? HELP!


25 Mar 2003
I discovered a cool fashion/lifestyle magazine at a Tower Records in New York & suddenly they stopped carrying it. It was called Kera. Basically, it was Japanese punk/goth clothing styles & the like. (I couldn't read a word of it, but it was great looking through it)

What I'm looking for is the contact info' to this magazine so I could get a subscription to it. I've tried looking all over online. Next to impossible. (plus, I can't read any possible Japanese info')

Maybe someone here is aware of a Japanese punk or goth message board (in English if possible) where I can ask the same question to many.

feel totally free to reply here or email me at-

[email protected]

Thank you so much for any help! :)
Get Holstein!!! I bought it sometime in March and it's really good... The CD is only about 1000 yen because there is only 5 tracks on it... I highly recommend the 1st track...
Kera's a great mag!~ i try to buy them every month,but it oftens go out of stock..*sigh* wish i could subscribe to the mag..help anyone? 🙂
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