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Japanese Punctuation


25 Apr 2003
I've seen this symbol a lot... it's an X with four dots in each corner. What is that thing and what's it used for? Also, can you guys tell me a little bit more about differences between Japanese and English punctuation? I know about Japanese quotation marks, but that's about it.

Is that symbol something you've seen in Japanese comics or manga? It doesn't sound like a standard punctuation mark. There really aren't that many differences except the insertion of commas (、)is more random than in English。
I've seen it all over a lot of random Japanese websites, and in a few video games.

This is the symbol: ※

I found out this much about it...

rice symbol; symbol with an "x" and four dots

But I still don't know what it's used for and what it means, etc.
Oh, OK--here's a link to its functions--although I'm not sure what something analogous to the asterisk (*) would be doing on all those games. Unless maybe it is kind of a logo footnoting some corporate information or something. :confused:

こめじるし【※, 米印】
Well, here's an example from a game.


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