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Japanese Personal Care Shipping


6 Apr 2006
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a website that will ship personal care items to USA. I am interested in Shiseido,Kanebo,DHC,Kose ect. I have tried and tried to find a site but it seems no one is willing to ship to the USA. Dose anyone know of a site that will ship to the USA? I have tried ebay for items but what I am looking for is never on ebay. I have tried www.kanebo-shop.com www.DHC.co.jp and both will not ship to USA. I understand Amazon.co.jp will ship but they only sell books and electronics. I am looking for Shampoo, Skin Care,Body Care ect. If anyone has information about where I can obtain such items I would be forever greatful:)


28 Nov 2005
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Hmm this site might get the stuff for you and ship it too you, but i'm not entirely sure since i've only used them to bid on something for me on yahoo japan auctions. Crescent-shop.com

You could also try yahoo japan auctions for the stuff your looking for they might have it, I can't really read kanji, but it was pretty easy for me to figure out how to find what I was looking for.

their's other places like Akibado that are online and might do something like that, but as i've said i've only used those places to get stuff off of yahoo japan auctions. With Yahoo japan auctions they don't ship out of japan so if you want to get something from there then you'll have to use one of the 2 websites i've provided to bid on the items.

another link

Yahoo Japan Auctions

:) I hope that's helped at least some

~thank you to Nana007 for those links 3-4 days ago~
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