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Japanese People for Thai TV


5 Feb 2005
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Hi there,

I have an acqaintance in Thailand who will be starting the filming of a TV series for Thai TV next month. I'll be flying over there next month to work on it myself. Anyway, the series is a documentary about a group of people (2 Americans, 2 Australians, 2 Thais and he wants 2 Japanese) who will WALK from Thailand to Mongolia over the course of 18 months (with a Thai TV crew of 6 people). All expenses are taken care of, as well as the people receiving some money (depending on how much they get from sponsors). The problem is that he is having a bit of trouble finding Japanese people to join them so he asked me to help out. He prefereably wants one male and one female who could be ready to be in Thailand ASAP, but certainly in March (there are NO language requirements, but I suppose a little bit of Thai or English would help). If you are interested or know anyone who is interested then please drop me an email.

[email protected]
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