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Japanese people are so obsessed with Sera Fuku

Li Mirikaru

12 Dec 2003
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Sera Fuku 😊
Japanese people are so obssed with it and it shows in anime
😍 Not that you can complain cos they are super Kawaii and my girlfriend owns one but you see them constantly in anime 👏
i mean you barely see an anime seiries without at least 1 schoolgirl wearing a fuku in it
Sera Fuku? i'm guessing its a school girl skirt :) kekeke yeah, they make girls kawaii desu ne? fwaahahaha ...
Considering school uniforms are mandatory for both sexes in Japan, I don't know if I would use the term "obsessed" per se. The opposite holds true for boys as well (formal black). But I hear what you're sayin' about the overexposure in Anime.
Japanese people arent the only ones I like em alot and my Girlfriend loves them For cosplay and she wears it just to look cute I am getting her a Winter Uniform for christmas to go with her summer one Vn_nV :D
i think they are cute, but I more obssesed with the outfits that inuyasha and kikyo wear in Inuyasha XD. do you guys know what they call those, they aren't kimonos right? i know what kikyo wears is a kind of priestess outift.
i know Shrine maidens in Japan are called miko and they wear the kind of clothes like kikyo but i cant remember the name :( i have to brush up on my Kanji lol
Not obsessed, its just a compulsary bit of uniform. And not everyone wears a sarafuku, mainly just chuugakusei. The high school kids wear shirts and a blazer and the guys wear the black uniform (public schools) or a shirt and blazer (private).
In Europe only England has school uniforms, and we aren't obsessed with them well I was but only while I was at school, and only the girls and in my school they dint have to wear skirts. Still, in some, they do, or they were trousers, and today I watched the railway children and wear sailor uniforms and piniforms like Alice in wonderland.
I wish the U.S. was obsessed with uniforms, although we have some really UGLY *** uniforms, go America! lol
Haha, reminds me of this one site I saw earlier. I'll have to search for it a bit.... ah, here: seifukuheaven.com (some sections, like part of the photobooks, might not be work safe. but the schoolgirl uniform sections should be)
Feeling a bit ecchi, but they are cute. 👍

A question though: since I'm a newb in Japanese, I haven't caught what sera fuku means (well, literally). I checked and didn't find the word 'sera' in the dictionary. gomen for the stupid question :eek:
👏 i'll awnser that one Sera Fuku is Sailor Uniform
and everyone has to admit they make girls look ultra kawaii
😊 *thinks of his girlfriend in a fuku and drools* 😊
Whoops Gomen nesai
and domo for the site reference Lacos 🙂
I guess i'll awnser that one as well Zero 👏

From the infromation i heard it was to do with schools adopting naval type uniforms in the 30's onward they had them in England,France and Japan England and france eventually changed and england adopted other uniforms for school where as france abolished school uniforms almost completely like most european places where doing Japan kept with the sailor uniforms and they changed eventually ove the years to end up with the Sera Fuku that Japanese schoolgirl wear today....... wow i bet most people fell asleep :snore: but i hope that awnsers your question dude 👍

Mirikaru Kenji Liagato
I think we need some buckets of cold water in here.

The uniforms in japan havent been changed for a long long time. Even the people working on the trains and construction sites wear uniforms that can be dated back a fair bit. (btw, i love the pants, very japanese).

Interesting fact: the public school boys uniform is from the old japanese army, from around the turn of the century 🙂
thats cool, infact, this game i'm playing ; gunbound, has like avatars and u win gold, and u can use the gold for like armors and stuff, girls have a "School Uniform" and just because of that, im going to create another account and make it a female to sport that :) also they have sakura's magic stick thing first and 2nd form :) although its called magic and happy stick
Arrrggghhh! There be strangeness afoot, me maties! Whare be the eyepatches and peglegs for these young lasses? Arrrrgggghhh!
Originally posted by Li Mirikaru
2 Words
Sera Fuku 😊
Japanese people are so obssed with it and it shows in anime
😍 Not that you can complain cos they are super Kawaii and my girlfriend owns one but you see them constantly in anime 👏
i mean you barely see an anime seiries without at least 1 schoolgirl wearing a fuku in it

<start rant>I don't want to be a killjoy, but from reading the posts in this forum, it seems that a lot of people get the impression that what they see in anime is a reflection of real Japan. It isn't. It's anime - FANTASY!

Since a lot of the characters in anime are teenagers, going to school would be a part of their lives, where wearing a school uniform is mandatory. Do you also believe that most teenagers fight in battlesuits or mecha, have psychic powers, battle demons and carry swords to school? Of course not.

Every Japanese girl that I've dated and spoken to despised wearing sela fuku. They all thought it was dorky and they would go so far as to change in a public restroom into civilian clothing as soon as they left the school grounds. They didn't think it was "kawaii" (sorry, had to do that since the sprinkling of this word seems to be required in forums like this). And Japanese guys would rather see a girl in a mini-skirt than a sela fuku - especially since sela fuku skirt hems were required to be at least 3 inches below the knee (yeah, another myth demolished. No mini-skirt sela fuku. Sorry). You will not see any official school uniforms similar to the ones in Sailor Moon. The uniforms depicted in Urusei Yatsura (and no, tiger-striped bikinis were not allowed in school either) are more realistic than say what Kagome is wearing in Inuyasha (even though they are from the same artist). The school uniforms in the live-action Sukeban Deka are as authentic as they come.

The girls that actually wear them when they don't have to, do so to flirt with older men as those are the ones with the sela fuku fetish. It takes the guys back to when they were in high school and didn't have to worry about bills, thankless jobs and wives and annoying children. It makes them feel young again to be seduced by a high school uniform-wearing young girl. Both sides know full well that it's really a mild form of prostitution ("I'll sleep with you in this sela fuku if you buy me a Gucchi bag").

Trust me, I lived there for a while. Sorry to burst your bubbles. </end rant>
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