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13 Aug 2003
Hi there,
First, does anyone know free Japanese online live tv programs? soooooo many countries have them, Germany, usa and the masses more, even lots of poor ones. But I didn't find any of that from japan. So do you know one? And if you don't, why do you think that Japan doesn't have that?

Next: same with Japanese online radio. Well, not the same. There are lots of Japanese radios online, but most aren't live. Does anyone know a good one with a mix of news, music (best would be all kinds of music) and an entertainment program? As said, I used a bunch of online radio locators/search engines, but most arent live or not all the time online or something like that.

thx for any reply 🙂 🙂
Just found it yesterday!

Try www.IIV.NE.JP/
It takes a few seconds to start playing. I haven't had time to see whats on it, but it's a start.
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