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Japanese Oldie: "...Red, blue and yellow.."?


23 Aug 2003
Hi, I'm new here so I may have put this in the wrong spot. I saw a request for oldies here in the backlogs about a year back and figured I got it right.

What I'm looking for, I've been told, is a Japanese Oldie song. The name... I'm afraid I don't know. I suspect it might be: "Red, Blue and yellow dress(es?)" This song is apparently one that might be karaoked at a Japanese wedding reception, if that's any help.

The lyrics for it I have are: "Red, Blue, and Yellow dress. With the dress, the ladybirds are about to dance! Synchronizing to the Samba's rhythm, they dance!"

A fairly decent search of the internet has turned up... nothing. But then, I shouldn't be surprised because most things about Japanese culture I try to look up online I can never find.

I'm hoping for the lyrics in English and the name, but any help would be appreciated.
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