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Japanese Navy Likely to Grow

If someone could find a clip to post that would be great. I haven't seen it yet, but I shall be cocking an eye towards the tube the next few days. Looks great :)

I sincerely hope they know how funny it is, eitherwise I would be very worried for the security of Japan's coasts. Perhaps dancing is a new intimidation tactic, similar to the historical use of bagpipes and plain ol' yelling real loud.
Do Many Young People In Japan.......

go into the military? Do they accept women ? Were you unlucky enough to have served?

Don't know the exact numbers, but they do accept women (at least for the navy) as I heard through the grapevine that my ex-girlfriend singed up.

I do know it is an odd enough career choice that it becomes gossip if someone you know joins the SDF.
It's all voluntary and most of those who enlist do so to (i) try to acquire a marketable skill, e.g., flying a helicopter; (ii) get firearms and marksman background before applying with the Police; or (iii) continue an amateur sports career after college graduation (many free style wrestlers as well as Judokas, and some track athletes are affiliated with the SDF). The very few who want to become career officers will attend the SDF Academy and graduate as first lieutenants.
In The Navy, Warfare Changed

Warfare has changed.

Three types now;

_1) New warfare techniques
a) car bombs
b) attack and terrorize the country that fights back
c) terrorism on the citizens of a country
d) terrorism on anyone that helps that country

BEST MOVIE: Battle For Algiers (French control of Algiers)

_2) Almost traditional warfare, techniques
a) threaten massive destruction of Seoul South Korea
b) fight with chemical, biological and suicide attacks
c) whole country is mobilized for war

EXAMPLE: North Korea threatens Seoul and rest of South Korea

_3) Warfare by intimidation
a)never will actually invade country
b)will intimidiate with building overwhelming force
aimed at country.
c) initimidiates any country doing trade with country

BEST EXAMPLE: China on Taiwan
BEST EXAMPLE: Amercia on Cuba

I think those may be somewhat Idealized reasons for wanting to join the navy.

When I was in the Canadian army, it seemed that the only reason most people joined up was just to get a secure, paying job. I would imagine that about 90 percent of the jobs in the military have little to no value in the civilian job market. Being able to use a machine gun or march 20 km with 40 pounds on your back aren't particularly useful skills in the real world.

I can imagine it would be much the same with members of the SDF.
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