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18 Jan 2004
I need a nice japanese name for the internet, I dont like Musoka much...it seems like a girls name and everybody puts me down about it.

Does anyone know any good names that fit this personality?


I am a joker but only around close friends. I am serious around everyone else and I ussually act japanese.

I would be greatful if someone could think of a name or a site with names and their meanings

Arigato, ja🙂
I am quiet, serious, funny at times, I am pained with love, and I am always alone...
I'm sorry, I took that a long time ago and registered here I forget when. o_O

Finding a handle is hard, I do agree. I chose Kintaro not because of Mortal Kombat (not at all) or of Goldenboy (ok, maybe 5 %) but 金太郎 for me means much more. I'm just a regular guy who doesn't put his net value over others, however, I am easily able to say my thoughts are as pure as gold, despite my heart being as cold as ice.

As for you, you say you don't want a girls' name. Forgive me by not being too omnipresent here, but is it because you want a ladies' name (something more mature) or a man's name (because people mistook you for the wrong sex?)

In any case, I'm not that great with Japanese so my help is quite small :(
Originally posted by Buntaro
How about "Hitorikko"?

一人っ子 【ひとりっこ】 (n) an only child; (P)

Besides which he wanted something _less_ like a girls name so stuff with 'ko' on the end isn't a good start.
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