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japanese moss gardens


15 Mar 2002
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hi there, anyone of you knowing a lot about japanese plants? especially moss? i know there are moss gardens in japan so i thought maybe someone knows something about it since my research on the internet wasnt that successful except obtaining the names of a moss called Japanese Moss ( Helxine soleirolii or solerrolia ). situation is: ive in my wash basin a swamp-plant (which is doing very well there (since i can water it a lot and the excess water runs through the drain so the earth is wet but never too much)) and since i like both japan and moss i i want to plant some japanese moss around the swamp plant. i found an online shop selling japanese moss spores but there is no information about what kind of moss it is. i mean, there must be more then one kind in japan? but i dont find anything about that on the web. if anyone knows anything about that, i would be very thankful. :)
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