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Japanese Metal

What type of metal are you looking for?

General "Heavy Metal?"
Power Metal?
Black Metal?
Speed Metal?
etc, etc...

Name a few metal bands that you like. :)
Whoa, there are so many.
I suppose X-Japan is the most well known metalband from Japan, eventhough they're disbanded.
You could also check The Sex Machine Guns, who recently announced to disband.

Furthermore, you could also check out this website of Heavy Metal Forces. It contains a lot of information about Japanese metalbands.
Yeah, they will do one final tour this summer and then they're finished.

I think Japan has the highest disbanding rate in the world. There are more bands disbanding then new ones getting contracts.
I like Loudness, Anthem, Seikima II...besides X Japan.

Also, Saber Tiger, Concerto Moon can be mentioned.
Hum...yeah ^^;
wow !! finally someone looking for japanese metal !!

shall i suggest some bands:

Concerto Moon
Saber Tiger
Manipulated Slaves
Fatima Hill
Seikima II
Sex Machineguns
Tokyo Yankees
44Magnum (dislike)
Earthshaker (um...)
Atomic Tornado
Dead End

You don't really want a complete list, rocketdive, don't you? o_O
hey! 44 magnum is good :) and I forgot to metion Dead End one of the great japanese bands !!!
hmmmm hehehe yes I want a complete list plz ^^

I'm a big japanese metal fan and I'm always looking for new bands :)
Thanks for the tips they will be very helpful. What I am really looking for is Japan's equivalant of seplatura. And also, any industrial metal bands in the vein of NIN, Fear Factory, or Manson that kind of stuff.

Thanks for all your help.
Sepultura...um, good question. o_O

Anyway, Dir en Grey essentially are an alternative metal band...at least...today. ^^
A lot of thrash influence, a bit industrial metal, slightly pop...very low tuned guitars...but quite unique in their approach.

We forgot Blizard, I think.
Anything else? o_O;
EZO, Flatbacker...um...
i like dir en grey.
erm i don't really know much about metal. hehe i'm more familiar with visual kei and digicore - only digicore band being the mad capsule markets! lol

Did anybody hear Guitar Vader. I've dug up some MP3's from them and it's really good. Apparently they were on the soundtrack of the Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio.

If you're into Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, you'll like this.

As for other alternative sounding bands. Try Fake?, Oblivion Dust, Zilch and other solo-work from hide.

@dark for tears
The Mad Capsule Markets rock. I've seen them in Amsterdam last month.
hehe twisted - i saw them on the 29th march on the last date of their UK tour! :D heh it was the best gig i've been to, and the fact that i had to go on my own after my friends all dropped out from coming, didn't deter me at all! ^__^ and kyono and toru waved at me :D
we forgot lots of bands :p

Aiming High, Azrael, Rajas, Flatbacker, Sigh, Narcotic Greed, Gonin-ish, Aphasia, Arctic Tornado, Cloud Forest, Defiled, Jurassic Jade, Heritage...

I'll try to make a complete list later :)
@dark for tears
I got some stickers and a cd-single at that concert, which they threw into the crowd right after the concert was over. I was standing all the way in the front and i had bruises all over the place. :)
Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio had an interesting soundtrack (and tons of style - first "cell-shaded" game ever). You run through the game spraying graffitti all over the city while dealing with cops and rival gangs. If you ever get the chance, look for a video of it in action... Very unique game. :)

Guitar Vader is something I'd consider even lighter than the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan used to scream during some very loud songs.. Especially on Melancholy and hte Infinite Sadness. :)
Originally posted by Twisted
@dark for tears
I got some stickers and a cd-single at that concert, which they threw into the crowd right after the concert was over. I was standing all the way in the front and i had bruises all over the place. :)

i got stickers that they threw into the crowd. no CD's which is a shame! i was so tired after the gig, i was right at the front - no bruises though amazingly. and i think i was the only girl who got near to the front! heh
Yeah, tired indeed. But then again, I'm terribly out of shape, so it's my own fault. :D

@Guitar Vader
I've only found out about them this week. I'm wondering how something so good could elude me for such a long time. Their latest album is from 2001 though.
They're also on the upcoming Japan for Sale Volume 3 compilation.
I recommend you Onmyouza!
because I love it!

Onmyouza! Oh!!
Onmyouza! Oh!!
Onmyouza! Oh!!!

check the official site!
and listen to samples!!!
(click the PLAY images)

I'll go to Onmyouza live concert next Sunday!
ohhh I envy you ;_;

I'm a big Onmyouza fan too !!
do you have their romanized lyrics? I can't find their lyrics anywhere :(
I went to Onmyouza LIVE CONCERT!!!XD
I'm still exciting!

>>Rocketdive san
OK, I'll send you email later.
Darkest Greetings,

I'm desperately seeking albums of ONMYOUZA. Does anybody know where I can order them via the Net, 'cause here in Belgium they're unfortunately not available in the mu-sick-stores.

spanks in advance !

Most Japanese online retailers have their latest album.
You could try yesasia or CD-Japan.

They're both very reliable.
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