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Japanese-made hydrogen car


17 Jul 2002
Epic trip for 'alternative' car


A car that runs on just hydrogen and solar power has completed a journey through Australia - the first crossing of a continent for a car of this type.

The exhaust emissions of the Japanese-built car consist of pure water.

The car was designed by students at Tamagawa university in Tokyo.

"It's interesting that clever university students have come up with this design, instead of the major car companies."
Nothing revolutionary about it, just basic fuel-cell being used (H2 + (1/2)O2 => H20). The major car companies are and have made cars like this, and are selling them (hybrid). The feasability of a normal car running off just fuel-cells and solar is not yet good enough for the market, who wants a little bubble car that can only carry you uncomfortably and no luggage whatsoever?

Still pretty cool that they did it tho 😄
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