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Japanese lovesongs and Ballads


the confused
25 Mar 2004
lo guys and gals!
I'm looking for some really soft japanese lovesongs & balads. Songs that make you just "melt" like butter. 8) Ive heard all songs from Ayumi Hamasaki's Ballads album, I really like em but I need something new now. I'm looking for something like Ayumi's ballads, maybe even softer!
My fav song from her is the aucustic version of "Dearest".

Music you can listen to when spending time with your GF or maybe when you want to sleep. Im looking mostly for female singers.

Any suggestions?
Aww... female singers... So much for suggesting the X-Japan ballad collection. Eeeeeeeeeendleeeessss raaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! :sing:

Well, you could go for Chihiro Onitsuka. Try "Infection" first and if you like that song look further.

Hell, come to think of it, every female singer in Japan has a few of those ballads in her portfolio. Isn't there a thread of female singers out there already? :mad:
Yeah if you want soft stuff, here are my suggestions:
Sakamoto Maaya - Gravity
Sakamoto Maaya - Yubiwa
Utada Hikaru - Deep River
Utada Hikaru - Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
Utada Hikaru - First Love
Nakashima Mika - Find The Way
Crystal Kay - A Song For You
Yellow Generation - Kimi ga Itakara ~Eternal Way~
Yae - Blasa

and one more thing (I know you prefer females but i gotta add this in ^^)
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Fare Well (don't worry, it's not heavy)

Anyway, there's a start LOL
Dreams Come True - Eternity

That's the first one I always think of, because I heard it over and over again... :mad:
Try Hikaru Hutada songs, they are definitly good ones...

also try my favorite singer ever:
Maki Goto, you must listen Sayonara no Love Song, and if you like it try then Scramble, Uwasa no Sexy Guy and all her songs...

Aya Matsuura also has some good ballads such as The Last Night and Love Namida Iro

Yuko Nakazawa and Get Along With You and Futari Gurashi

Natsumi Abe with Sanpo and 22sai no Watashi

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