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25 Jun 2002
Yay! Just when I thought there were no Japanese people left in my town, today my mom stumbled across a garage sale chock FULL of Japanese novelties, music, books etc. She was talking to the lady and found out that she is a professional teacher who teaches private English lessons to Japanese people and private Japanese lessons to English people. I think I may take some. It would be tons better than learning from a book by yourself, right?
Oh BTW! Samuraitora, have you ever been to One World Market in Novi? It's a Japanese store filled with various J-foods, books, music, etc. They even have their own sushi bar! I went there about 5 years ago and I'm DYING to go back. It's about an hour's drive away from here. I think I'll try dragging my parents out there again.
Originally posted by Scott
Hehe yep. I'm flooded with Japanese things.
If you find something nice, share it with us, especially pics (in case you have a scanner).
Hehe well everything now is pretty much normal but if I find something extra out of the ordinary, I'll be sure to share it. :)
UPDATE: My mom and dad went back to the woman's house today and I'm supposed to go over there with my mom sometime this week to meet her. I will be bringing along the books I have used so far so that she can kind of gauge how far I have gotten.
Sweet...that is a nice score!!!

As for One World Market in Novi, I have not been there...didn't know it existed...I will be there soon though...(^_^)
Yay. I met her today. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met. I'm going to be going over to her house every Thursday for a one our Japanese lesson.
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