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13 Dec 2003
Hey people, I am a newbie to these forums, so I wondered if someone is willing to gimme view lessons or words in Japanese I can learn? I want to learn Japanese because, first of all, it's a cool language. And more importantly, I am going to Tokyo University for college, so I want to know Japanese by then, lol! Well, please answer me if someone can! @_@!
Learning and Teaching Japanese

That's a pretty good place for starters. Consider buying a textbook too. Japanese for Young People is pretty good, it teaches you Japanese by demonstration and use, rather than breaking it down and explaining it (like Japanese for Busy People).

Good luck on getting into Tokyo University. You'll need it! 😄

Thanx for the site. It's great! Ya, I suppose I will need a lot of luck to at least pass the acceptance exam. Lol, it's all gonna be in Japanese, right? Lol thanx, a lot! 😄
Thanx! 2000 symbols!!! @_@ !!! (faint) it's way harder than my own language! I only have 56 letters in Bangla (Bangladesh)! I should buy the book, but I gotta get some money first, heh. Hmm...well seems it's not gonna be easy...but I gotta try, lol. Btw do u have an aim or so? If you do, IM me at Remix2INSANITY...that's for AIM...if you have MSN Messenger...you can IM me. Don't worry. I won't waste your time, lol!
Hey partner, if you want a book to learn kanji and the charactors fast and good, by "A Guide to Reading and WRiting Japanese" published by Tuttle. In the book it shows stoke orders, rules to follow, and all 1850 charactors (881 essential ones in detail followed by the rest in brief explainations). It's about $13 dollars and it is kinda small so you can take it places.

Another good book is "A dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar", which is meant for people who don't like text book explainations very much. There aren't any lessons in it, but you can instead learn from segments on a specific peice of grammar. The notes in that are EXTREMELY helpful!

Happy trails-Markus
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