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Japanese language overlays for your keyboard


10 Sep 2003

I was informed of this board by a American living in Toyko. I work for a company called DataCal, we provide international language keyboard overlays. You say what does that have to do with me? Well if you have recently move to Toyko and your Japanese is not that great, we can provide a valuable solution for you. Our Japanese language overlays are a quick fix, all you need to do is apply them over your English language keyboard and you will be able type in Japanese. You of course will need to purchase software, that can be done at the Microsoft website. For more information you can visit my companies website at:

Japanese Keyboard Overlays

Or you can just send me an email at:

[email protected]
Is there honestly a market for this sort of direct-entry assist product given that the vast, vast majority of Japanese (and Americans) -- despite the added keystrokes -- seem perfectly satisfied using their current romaji method?
I admire people who want to take the time to memorize a whole new key set. More power to ya.

I like the romaji system of typing in the letters and hitting space for kanji or kana (as Elizabeth said, so do most Japanese people it seems). It seems the kana method is losing out to a new generation of net-savy young folk...
thanks to the op!
there are NEVER enough solutions, always room for more methods of easing/appeasing language barriers
does the company also sell computer systems? lcd monitors?
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