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Japanese language managa recommendations


24 Jun 2003
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Hello folks!

Weel, this is my first post and I`m happy that I came upon this message board. It seems that I`ve been searching for ages in order to find somewhere where I can ask questions I would like to get answered. Anyway, without much more babbling, onto my actual query.

Living in Kyoto since last October, I`ve had the chance to pick up many mangas until now and I`m finally sending the majority of them home. However, I have a question for the knowledgable folks on this board. Can anyone recommend me some good mangas to pick up as I want to take a variation of 1st volumes home with me when I return to England at the end of July.

If people could post some recommendations I can check them out and see if I also like them. I`ve found some good series out myself but don`t know of all that Japan has to offer.

Bare in mind that I`ve already bought mangas of:-

One Piece
Zombie Powder
Outlaw Star
Tenjou Tenge
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Katte ni Kaizo
Two Top

just to give you an idea of what I`ve already experienced and own.

Your recommendations would be greatly apprecaited!
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