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10 Oct 2003
The best teacher / companion for Japanese Language Learners of all levels -
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

A multi-purpose gadget for your holiday / business trip, study, research or even manga reading...... use it any place & any time. A handy & stylish Japanese Digital Dictionary.

Manufacturer : Casio Computer Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Model: XD-S800
· Japanese-English dictionary with 80,000 words (romanized input) - beginners can refer to the Romaji & Kana cross reference table in manual
· English-Japanese dictionary with 95,000 words
· Kanji dictionary with 51,355 entries. Kanji with pronunciation, Kana, JIS / SJIS code, explanations, examples and common usage/ phrase
· Kanji look-up by pronunciation, by radical or by stroke number
· English-English dictionary with 84,000 entries
· Thesaurus with 21,000 entries (showing Kanji, pronunciation/ Kana)
· Jump function allows you to jump to another dictionary from a word displayed in the explanation
· English spell check function – will list all possible words if input is wrongly spelled
· Wildcard search -- "?" & "~"
· History button (auto lookup-history function save time & help with your revision)
· Reference functions available in the explanation screen, reference for idioms / examples (choose the relevant button )
· Each power-on will show the last screen of your previous lookup
· Calculator function
· A 1.5V size-AAA alkaline battery (for approx.130-170 hours) is included
· Operating temperature : 0-40 degree Celsius
· Auto power off (selection available for auto-off timing)
· Ample LCD screen with moderately sized font (font could be enlarged)
· Stylish, compact and cyber-feel design with a slanted, glide out two-layer keyboard for clear display and easy input
· Handy navigation buttons e.g. "back", "page up", "page down" buttons
· Size in mm 116W x 73.5L x 14.8D & weight 140g -- compact & light
· Selling at a bargain price ~JPY15,000
· market price in Tokyo ~JPY26,000
Ive got a sharp one, best thing i bought, after the large pile of kanji dictionaries to get my japanese good enought to use the dictopnary :'(
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