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9 Mar 2018
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Hello everyone!

For everyone out there wishing to develop a career in Japan using Japanese on the job, or simply wanting to enjoy more of Japanese entertainment content such as games and manga, please check out our 5-day beginner Japanese language course starting on March 26th!

We have developed a skill-oriented curriculum that uses popular Japanese content such as video games and anime. Not only will you learn useful Japanese phrases, but you will also learn about the basics of anime translation, practice self-pitching in Japanese, learn how to create a self-promotion video, experience Japanese anime voice-overs in an actual studio, and learn about Japanese culture and ways of thinking.

We will be offering five classes in total. You can take all five, or only the ones that appeal to you!

Day 1) Practical Japanese Learned Through Video Games

Day 2) Japanese Media Industry and Content Production

Day 3) Self-promoting Video Creation

Day 4) The Basics of Japanese Media Translation

Day 5) Japanese anime voice over experience (practice speaking as if you were a Japanese voice actor/actress)

Come and enjoy learning basic Japanese in a unique way from enthusiastic native and non-native Japanese speaking professionals who have a great amount of experience in Japan and the entertainment and media fields!

Monday, March 26th to Friday, March 30th
10:00am to 3:00pm (one hour lunch break)

Beginner learners of Japanese

Required language skills:
None (however, a basic understanding of hiragana/katakana is recommended)

Courses will be conducted mostly in English with a mix of basic Japanese. All handouts and assignments will be written in Japanese (kanji, hiragana) as well as Romanized Japanese and English.

For more information, and to sign up, please refer to our website:
Essential Beginner Japanese Course ~for Work and Your Passions~ | グローバル・パブリシティ(英語での情報発信)を学ぶGCAI
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