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Japanese Kanji/Text Support


20 Sep 2003
Just a quick question, but an important one for me.

How do you use and type Japanese kana through windows? Are there plug-ins that you need to install, or maybe a specific keyboard (I doubt the keyboard thing, but just checking.)

I see it quite often here, and I'm wondering how it is done.

Thanks to anyone who can explain how to set it up 😄
If you're using Windows XP, I've explained it to someone on this thread:

Japanese IME | Japan Forum

If you're using another version of Windows, I'm not sure yet. :p

You're don't need another keyboard. When you type 'k' and 'a', it'll display the hiragana character 'ka'.
For Win98 you need to download Japanese IME (msjaime.exe) from Microsoft. Or use NJstar Communicator.
Left-click on the icon in the quick-launch, choose Japanese IME, click on the left button of the toolbar that appeared (should be an A). Then you can choose your input method.
I never actually used it for input,therefore I can't help you more, so just try it.
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