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Japanese in Windows

Visual Kai

3 Oct 2003
i have the windows in the spanish interface....but i wanna wach it in japanes, when i see a kanzi, only see bizarre characters, why? i see the japanese in the internet explore, but i wanna see the japanese characters in all windows interface, like a "njstar japan wp" .. this pro, can make ajapanese interface, but, any other program can doit!! there are a pro to make a japanese interface??? or..... for only see the japanese characters in the windows display?????
Have you tried selecting 'View' and then 'Encoding',then selecting Japanese from the language options?
Your entire OS in Japanese? The easiest would be just to buy Windows in Japanese. I don't know about switching back and forth if you want to keep your spanish/english OS, but a Japanese version of windows will solve your problem.
for iexplore and word, download jamondo.exe

i would link from the product page, but i can't read spanish yet 😊
i bought 2000 for Japanese Windows last week
now to build a computer to put it on
edit: good luck!
..... thanx... but ... i want it!!!! when i install a program in my pc only see " ____n___ " and others characters like that ... i wanna see the japanese characters in my pc..... :( not in iexplore bacause i have the jamondo.exe i just want see the japanewse ....ah! when i install the njstar japanese WP the interface it changeable intro japanese and english... i need something like that..
Here's another alternative. I'm not sure if it will work since my laptop comes pre-install with the XP OS and the warranty says if I go and install another OS itself it will no longer be valid. (sweat) So I will only be able to do so maybe one year later.. T_T

If you have the original OS (I believe yours is the spanish version? ^^;n ) then what you can do is to either reinstall the OS into another partition or another new hard-disk space with the default as Japanese and not Spanish or English.. Its under the language option I think.. (This part is a bit of the technical part so you might want to check with frens who know more about installing OS to ask them to help u.. @@||b )

Once you install that and logged in using the "Japanese OS" you should be able to see the actual Japanese characters or even install Japanese software without problem..

(eto., do take note however: This is just a suggestion on my part but please don't hold me responsible if it doesn't work.. (@"@||b) as I say I am not really that familar with that installing part since I can't try it on my own system just yet. My fren who tried it so as to install those Japanese BL Games which can't be install under eng or non-jap os and it works fine. Even managed to install a P2P Japanese download program which will not work under non-jap os.. ^.~V )
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