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Japanese in MangaLand


16 Feb 2006
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🙂: Yeah, well, I was at the store, looking through some books, and I happened to find Japanese in MangaLand. It looked good, so I bought it, and then did more research. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I turns out, (by accident) I bought Japanese in MangaLand 2. (I guess I didn't notice the big "2" :emoji_thumbsup:) There are three books (and so far, one workbook out).

Well, so I was wondering if I should bother getting the whoel set? I most likely get the first one, since I have the second one. But, when all the workbooks come out, should I buy them all? So far, there are the following:

Japanese in MangaLand
Japanese in MangaLand Workbook
Japanese in MangaLand 2
Japanese in MangaLand 3

On their website (nipoweb.com/eng/index.htm), it says that the date is out yet when Japanese in MangaLand Workbook 2 and Japanese in MangaLand Workbook 3 is coming out, so I'm still looking foward to that...

Anyway, the point of me posting this is I guess to inform you a little about this book, and ask opinions of people who have used it. It looks pretty good. 🙂:

Thanks for your comments and opinions!

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