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Japanese hybrids and electric-powered cars


17 Jan 2004
Okay gang, I have a question:

Are Japanese hybrid and electric-powered cars popular? I need to know the most popular types of hybrid and electric cars, and their prices. If I were to live in Japan, I would want to drive around town in a hybrid... 😌
NANGI said:
Konnichiwa Hachiko-san!

I think the most popular Japanese hybrid car is TOYOTA "Prius". It is very popular in Japan. The price is 2,150,000 - 2,570,000 yen in Japan.

...which equates to about $21,500-25,700 out here. Affordable, if only for at least the middle-upper middle class. But still comparable with U.S. hybrids.

Thanks for the link, Nangi.
I've only seen one around, dispite all the hype. I could be missing them because they are so unremarkable looking. Most Japanese sedans/wagons these days are styled in the same fashion. Cool idea though...


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Which brings me to another question, Mandy:

How many miles/kilometres can one of these hybrids go without breaking down? 50,000? 100,000? 200,000?
I see a few hybrids around, but much more common still are the so-called "kei" cars, which are extremely economical and still pretty enviroment-friendly with their small size and tiny engines (660cc).

Also, speaking of alternative fuel sources, Mazda announced plans to release a hydrogen-powered RX-8 around 2008.
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