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Japanese High Fashion


16 Mar 2004
I am an American and I am very interested in Japanese fashion. I have found a lot of information on Japanese street fashion, but I am looking for the importance of high fashion (haute couture) on Japanese (pop) culture. I would really appreciate any help, especially links to any sort of reference (preferably in English!). Thanks so much.

Hanae Mori is my personal favorite, but so far, I've only found links concerning her fragrances. The butterfly is kind of her trademark.
I like the Gakusei-fuku (for boys) and the Sailor-fuku (for gals) worn by middle and high school students
and then there are these types of "high" fashion :D
Hot Tokyo Fashion
greggman's site usually has something interesting to add to the topic :D

then don't forget the engrish site :D
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i (found) an issue of metropolis that has quite a few names mentioned, but where is the op?
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