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Japanese hardcore?


6 Jul 2002
Dunno if there is such a thing, but:

I listen to bands such as Hatebreed and Unearth, are there any Japanese (lyrics in any language) that are along those lines?

I've heard some stuff out of Hong Kong and it was mainly just pop sounding...
I'm not familair with the bands you mentioned, but i assume it's hardcore punk and not hardcore house.
There is certainly a lot of Japanese hardcore around.
Try listening to Melt Banana, Guitarwolf and The Slutbanks for starters. There are lots more Japanese bands like these, but it's not the genre i listen very often, so i'd have to do some digging to get more bandnames.

I just remembered this website:


This site is run by Dirk Gómez from Germany. I've exchanged some music with him in the past.
His site is dedicated to Japcore, so you should be able to find everything you want to know right there. 👏
Oooooooooohhhh do I have something for you😉 try Deviloof, まみれた、and maximum the hormone
Try utsu-p too, super hardcore, lynch, mejibray, dimlim, jiluka, KILLANETH, insanity injection by brn is a really good one, forbidden by despairs Ray... And of course nothing's complete without dir en Grey... Also checkout madman's espírit...
Acid black cherry, NoGod, Sadie, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST OMG U HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM AHH, mucc, human gas, kuro, the clay, gauze, moi dix mois, has some hard ones... GULU GULU OMG LISTEN TO THEMMM😭😭😭😭
Long story short there's a lot but they are hidden under a different genre, but they make hardcore music, and it's called vkei😉
PS. The gazette is pretty mainstream but listen to deux, falling, and ugly by them. Another good one band is disreign.
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