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Japanese Hair Straightening System


23 Oct 2003
Damn those Japanese and there hair!! How do they get it so nice, straight and shiny?

Well there's this little thing called the YUKO SYSTEM invented in japan in 1996 by a MS YUKO, the System cuts off the hair's cystine protein bonds, reshapes the bonds by straightening hair cells, and then makes it permanent with the use of a heat iron. smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary straightening system that uses heat to restructure the hair's protein bond. The result? Smooth, Sleek, Shiny, Straight, regenerated hair!

Oh ya I forgot to say it cost 400 big ones but it last up to 8 months.
humm sounds good but one thing, I'm cheap. Sure there's still the normal Japanese straightening system but that's still about 250$. So anyone got some cheap tips to share?
lol , ya well my cousin wants to get this, I just posted this for her, she didn't want me to mention her but I don't really care.

I don't think girls like to wear hats
I was once curious about this also and did a search on it before and found that it did cost a lot. And I see that so many Japanese girls had hair like this and wondered did they really spend that much?! I remember reading that it lasts for like 6 months or something. I'd like to have hair like that! :p
What is wrong with wavy/curly hair? I happen to like it. A lot. :)

And Japanese just have straight hair by default. I would love to have that hair too! But then, they want our hair. All my friends wanted 'soft' hair like mine and wished their hair could curl easy. Their hair is so coarse and straight that you can't do many things to it besides color it. My husband used to perm his hair because he wanted it to stand up on top like Ahhhhnold's... :giggle: The thing is, the perm would be gone in two weeks because his hair couldn't hold it.
you would :p
by that i mean since youre a girl.
my hair is thick and disobediant, moreso if the humidity's up. i dont like having to mess with it for a long time or get my head wet in the morning, especially if its cold out. which is prolly why im growing it out again, so i can just tie it and forget it. short hair for me equals havng to deal with a tornado aftermath on my head every morning. thats why i'm not too keen on wavy hair.
running my fingers though my hair a couple times will produce a look very much like the pic below and while spike makes it look cool, its just not my style.


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But jeisan, you'd look good with any hair... 😊

I have always said I wish I could have naturally curly hair, but everybody who has it says it's more trouble than it's worth.

Still good to look at, though. At least, to me. :)
Curly hair. What a bother!

I staighten my hair almost everyday, even though my friends love me with curly hair. It's just too hard to manage, to tell you the truth. If I could have straight hair that was just limp and down I would probably be happier.

I know that a lot of black people get a perm that makes their hair straight for a long, long time. That's who I thought of when I read this post.
I have straight hair like any regular-looking Asian kid. But I'd like it straighter! Where it looks more dry and the tips are thinner looking. What do you call that? I'm no fashion type of person. :p

Oh, and another dumb question... what is a perm? XD
I think a perm is to give your hair a permanent look.

But your lucky to have straight hair to start with. My hair any way I dry it or style it, ill end up looking the same. I looks like a bankers hair cut all nice and combed in the sides. lol but I do nothing for this look.
perm = short for permanent, though kind of a misnomer as a perm only lasts for some months. anyway its usually some crap thats dumped on someones head to make hair, usually straight limp hair, curly with body, or vice versa.

i guess it somehow chages the shape of the hair, which is what determines it straightness/curlyness. round = straight, oval = wavy, flat = テシber curly
i think the straightening method talked about here is rebonding?? it's really effective and you'll get perfectly straight hair after that. cost about S$100 to S$200 here. but the heat may be harmful to the hair. but i heard there's a few method involving cooling instead of heating. costs more though...
oooooh for straight hair. I am thinking of trying to straighten my hair one day just to see what I look like with straight hair. but at the moment I think it would be too damaging. I would love to be able to wash my hair in 2 minutes, another 2 minutes styling and then out the door ! just a dream....
oh... its called rebonding in Singapore. And though I have natural straight hair, but I want it to be straighter, and its much more easier to manage and maintain. I'm addicted to it, do rebonding every 9-12 months, juz imagine not having to comb ur hair in the morning and yet it flows nicely.
Sounds interesting, Luc. Does it work on damaged hair ?

Luc said:
Oh ya I forgot to say it cost 400 big ones but it last up to 8 months.

8 months ? What about hair growth ?
Maciamo said:
Sounds interesting, Luc. Does it work on damaged hair ?

8 months ? What about hair growth ?
Haha, that's a good one. I guess you'll still have to get a hair cut, but still, wouldn't the new grown hair be different not having went though the straightening stuff?
I want non-tangleable hair too. It's starting to become a real hell, but I'm seeing a long hair professional in 4 weeks. It'll be 4 years this July that I will have gone without a haircut (although this visit will involve cutting what is blatantly dead.)

Four years compared to a lifetime is nothing, a lifetime is nothing in comparison to eternity.
how much straighter than straight does hair get?.. i'm a natural redhead (yeah, it's not something i'm nuts about, being a guy) but my hair is straight as a nail.. it's really tough too.. can take alot of strain before it breaks.. thats pretty kewl...

i've got that whole shiny thing going on too.. but in red..

once colored my hair all black (not a big hit.. redheads are notoriously pale...) but the red still sparkled through when sunlight hit my hair =P

is there some way to dye your hair for 6 months like that straightening thing??
Naturally red hair is really difficult to color. It probably has something to do with the pigment. My mom has red hair and she has a really difficult time maintaining the color(she keeps it colored to cover the gray). The color she puts on her hair will fade faster than a brunette's or a blond's. I think she has to get hers colored every 2 months or so.
Yeah that's why red haired people usually fade their hair before dying it in
a certain color. However a friend of mine is affraid to do it :giggle:
I think I was lucky then.
I was born with straight, soft and shiny hair. :)
But it's brown...
It's not that I dislike brown, but it gets boring after a while.
I am thinking about dying it blue
Rukasu : Would your hair count as being the color known as kuso-iro ? (糞色)

If it is, I know the feeling :(

I want a killer silver. (P.S. I'm 19)
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