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3 Dec 2002
I just recently got ahold of a copy of Famitsu and a copy of Dorigama from a friend in Japan. Both of these magazines are fairly cheap (dollars cheaper than their monthly, crappy American counterparts) and feature an excellent content-to-ad ratio (something like 20 pages of content in between ads!). The regular columns for popular games (FF, PSO, DQ, etc) are a nice touch, offering up new strategies and ideas, even months after a game's release. I suppose the worst part about reading them is knowing that I'll have to pay lots of money to get all of the nice-looking games contained in their pages. :D

You should check either of them out sometime... I'm considering trying to get a subscription to one of them. Has anyone ever had any experience in subscribing to a foreign periodical? I've never done this, but I'm certain it's possible to obtain a sub.
I can get a whole variety of Japanese monthly magazines here, but they're pretty expensive due to shipping costs, so I don't really get them. But maybe if I had more money...
Hrm... I did a check around the web and couldn't find a single place that offers them over the net (other than some guy in the UK who offers "the latest ニ稚ニ叩ニ蓄" for such and such... which would mean even MORE shipping!), so I sent off an email to their publisher, Enterbrain, asking if they had any programs for foreign subscriptions or knew of a place that carries current issues of the magazine.

But that's not the reason I'm posting about it! Ohhh no! You see, I thought I'd toss a nice, literal translation into Japanese at the bottom, just in case it reached the desktop of someone who didn't know English. I used a well-known and well-hated program on the web for this, and here are the English->Japanese->English results. I'm glad I checked it this way before sending it off...

If this is sent to the address which you make a mistake I apologize. I see the around the website of the Famitsu, the website of the group of the Enterbrain and this to like the best E mail address seems that is sent. When I am misunderstood, indicate me to the person you take charge of that kind of thing. As for me rather than there being a magazine of the Famitsu, through the friend old problem profit, you have lived in the Sapporo, you think that being the excellent magazine! We, your magazine of large contents arrive here where it is stuffed sufficiently by comparison with the monthly magazine! I am tired announcement of the trash like our EGM and that kind of year before in doing the payment of the part where it is filled up, you were brought up, but, your magazine won my interest! If that possibility I very desire the fact that you reserve subscribe to the Famitsu. Do you happen possessing in the program of which kind assembly for the contractor of the foreign country, when? so is not, do you company of every mail order of rice knowing sell the Famitsu weekly present copy which happens? subscription the impossibility, sending the word of the praise which is I exactly is happy. Continue your excellent work! If this reaches to someone exactly under, as for literal translation of this text it cannot read the English which is Japanese so you can rely on depending upon the program excessively well, (or at everything). I try, as written this on your own Japanese, but, my Japanese is poor.

For those of you wondering, I did not have rice referenced or included in my original English text what-so-ever. What the heck?!? And, yes, I decided to just can the idea of including the literal translation... :)
I have tons of these from 98-02 if anyones interested from Famitsu to Arcadia!

and some of those PC mags called Login
I use to suscribe to Weekly Shonen Jump but I got sick of paying for the shipping.
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