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Japanese friends in Malaysia


22 Aug 2003
I am Alvin from Malaysia. I am a single 31 year old male and Chinese living in Malaysia. I would like to meet Japanese people especially those who are currently living in Malaysia for friendship.
I lived in Fukuoka for 5 months last year and was really fascinated with the culture and traditions among the Japanese people. I can speak really really simple japanese and would definitely not like to lose touch with the language.
So guys and gals alike I am waiting for your replies!!!! Of course people in Japan are also welcomed to reply
Hello Alvin !

Where about do you live in Malaysia. I've been there a few years ago and I'l be transiting there a few nights on my way to Europe next month.

So, you've lived in Fukuoka. Tell us more about your experience there. What did you like or dislike ? Was there any culture shock for a Chinese Malaysian in Japan ? (as of course, culture shock are different for people from each culture)

Hi Maciamo,
I live in Ipoh City. Enjoyed my stay in Fukuoka city as I believe that the experience I gained there actually 'reveals' another type of East Asian culture. The lifestyle and the traditions in Japan are different from the ones in South East Asia.
Have seen your website and the pictures of India struck my attention. I stayed in India for 5 and a half years as a student. Managed to visit mainly the southern Indian continent. What is your purpose of visiting Europe?
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