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28 Apr 2003
I'm so depressed - I just had my Japanese oral exam, and was absolutely terrible in it!... it's not even difficult (only level 2 'Japanese for Busy People'!!!). Why is it that when I'm not in an exam situation I'm ok, and can speak quite confidently, but as soon as the tape recorder starts recording my entire mind goes blank and every question sounds like "wibble wibble wibble wibble"...

I gave so many one word answers, and the long silences were deafening.

Am I really going to be able to cope in Japan??

Worrying Sek.:confused:
get the wibbles out of your head and take a deep breath and relax....remember, real life is nothing like an exam...you probably just have exam fears...

next time drink a bottle of beer or glass of wine before your exam....should get you speaking a little more smoothly....
Actually, life is an eternal exam. :)

Sekabin, I know situations like that all too well. I am currently attending an intensive Japanese course. I know phrases, vocabulary and grammar by heart, but as soon as sensei tries to involve me in a conversation, I get the "wibbles" too. Sometimes a deep breath helps. Not so sure about beer though.

Thanks for your replies! Feeling better now after reading them, sleeping on it, and thinking that maybe I should cultivate "musshin"

Not sure about the beer advice, but I'll certainly practice it tonight in preparation and see what the effects are... :D
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