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Japanese - English Talking Dictionary App for Android [Free]


Nov 17, 2014
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Hi I would like to introduce Japanese to English, English to Japanese talking dictionary APP, "Peace JDIC"

"Peace JDIC" is a Japanese to English, English to Japanese talking dictionary.

With our advance search algorithm, "Peace JDIC" will provide you with best search result which you expected.

"Peace JDIC" also come up with extra result you will see more extra results by press on "More result" button

"Peace JDIC" include with TTS Text to Speech technology. If your phone has TTS Engine inside. Enjoy the native speech example.

"Peace JDIC" is a hybrid offline dictionary. Once you perform a search, it will store in the database. Which means, next time if you search again with the same word. It will be faster and you can see the results even you are not online.

Key Feature
- Offline Mode
- Speaking
- Copy to Clipboard
- Optimize search
- Romanji Input
- Highlight keyword
- Example Sentence
- Share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Social network

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