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Japanese eating customs


20 Jul 2002
Hey I was just wondering if the rules about walking and eating are still the same in Japan? I remember being scolded, along with my fellow eigo no sensei, by a women at the danchi where we all resided about walking around while eating or drinking. She insisted that we were contributing to poor manners in the local children and that we should always sit down when doing such activity. Not wanting to be seen as ugly gaijin I and my comrades in arms complied. Later, in Tokyo, I noticed such uncouth behavior among the native population although only among the younger crowd. Does this dilemma time, consumption,
and manners still exist? 🍜
I'd say that's a general question of education that is not only related to Japan. I have to agree with your former collegue, I find it quite inappropriate to munch on the street or while being on public transportation. What's wrong with trying to be a good example to the kids? Hehe, I admit that I'm far from being perfect in this regard: I love to eat in front of the computer or TV.

Oh, I don't know if you have already noticed, but there's a thread started by Moyashi dealing with eating habits in Japan.
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Ouch, forgive a non-native English speaker, I intended to say "long" or "comprehensive" instead of "long-winded", my apologies. I wasn't aware that the term "long-winded" carries rather negative connotations. Well, we live and learn...

😊 😊
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I'm sorry for starting a new thread over old topic.

As for eating on the move I feel common sense should dictate and in the previously mentioned case the issue began over 3
teachers walking down the road on a very hot day drinking vending machine cans of coke. If this is poor manners then no wonder the term ugly Americans came into use, we all seem to do it.

Originally posted by jiminnwa
As for eating on the move I feel common sense should dictate and in the previously mentioned case the issue began over 3 teachers walking down the road on a very hot day drinking vending machine cans of coke. If this is poor manners then no wonder the term ugly Americans came into use, we all seem to do it.

Well, the lady you referred to must have been from the "old school", I am sure that nowadays she would have given up teaching etiquette.
really ???? hehehe .... I was joking eh ;)

@old granny teaching manners
I wish more folks would do this these days. Too bad many youngsters would snap back in such a situation.
I may be going out on a limb here, when I was a kid...you didn't snap back or step too far out of line. There seems to be a lack of the good ol' "fear factor" in today's kids...I was terrified of my dad. That is why I didn't step out of line. Same goes for my parents... and hopefuly my son...LOL
I don't know if it's just fear. But I agree. Something is missing.

I see so many things that I'd never imagine doing when I was young.

I trully believe that a certain amount of respect and manners should be upheld. I'm not saying that these "old" manners are good. Just, that without some kind of restrainment things will eventually get out of hand.

Recently, Japan has gone through a spree of child deaths. A mother in her late 30's stabbed her daughter to death so that she wouldn't have to go through the same psychological tramas that she herself is going through. After being questioned, she mentioned that she felt "good" and "got a burden off her back".

Something is not right these days. I really wish I knew what the cure is.

I've been reading about synchronicity and it's connections with buddhism. Middle way Buddhism (the dalali llama sort) believes that all people should have and hold "universal compassion" in their hearts. Compassion.... yes, that's a good start.
Hm, I agree with you Moyashi, social contacts should be characterized by respect not fear. I think that problems start early during the primary socialization, and not only in Japan. Nowadays, intact families are the exception not the rule. A lot of kids are just left alone with their problems and fears, growing up socially and intellectually neglected. Being the center of their own little universe, how can they learn to respect others? Lacking manners are part of the same predicament.

A few members of my wife's family are strict Buddhists, I know what you mean when you talk about 'universal compassion'. I admire them for their mental maturity and kindliness.
@strict buddhist
??? really, I've never met any that weren't Sokka Gakkai. They're about the strictest I've met. Well, at least in doing their prayers and collecting donatitions.

yes, we need more of this.
Actual Nichiren Soshu isn't that bad. Just another flavor of buddhism. It's the psudo-poltico Sokka Gakkai that gives them all a bad name.

Well, they are persistant about their prayers.
@post #11

Here in Michigan, over the past year or so, we have been having a lot more parents leaving their kids to die in cars with the windows rolled up or stabbing them or beating them or even so far as this one lady gave her kid to a homeless guy to hold "for a second" then she never came back...he did end up killing it, because he was high and drunk...not out of being malicious or anything like that.
ugh, what is the world coming to?

That is just plain sick and stupid. I hope they get a just punishment.
one woman got 25 years to life in prison...
one guy got off due to a technicality, after leaving his 8 month old son in the car all day in a parking structure. He said his wife put him in the car and he didn't know he was there...I hate people some times...other times they can be sooo great.
I like your train of thought...(^-^)

I totally agree with corporal punishment...the repeat offenders really get to me...

My favorites are the drunk drivers. they don't really get in trouble until they kill someone and until then they get to keep drinking and driving.
I believe its down to the old values of life itself,, to-day for example my two children where bored and I took them outside to play football, (daughter age 5, son age4) as the kids where playing, I told my son " kick the ball easy,, remember lucy and mummy are girls, we are softer than you boys", after I had said my sentence the older boys in the street, repeated and giggled at what I had said, These boys later went on to kick a ball in the direction of my daughter and knocked her off her feet, causeing her to graize both knees and elbows, well what more can I say except they got a feirce telling off from me and they have said that when my little daughter is out playing they will take the football elsewhere, I think these older boys have seen the way that my daughter is treated by her own brother and myself and threw that they have given her the same respect that I beleive that all little girls deserve and should deserve their entire life, This is in my opinion, is whats missing in the world to-day, respect for a girl/sister/Mother is the foundation of all life, and when this is missing,,,, all else is left to ferment and mature in this self centered world, and in return we get unattentive and oblivious people that have no respect or feeling for the children that must be treated with care and love, the stories that I have read here are heart wrenching and to a certain point sad!! 🙂

if these peolpe who carry out such actions ect; had been treated with care and respect themselves they could not carry out such deeds as leaving children in cars all-day in blisterering heat, as the children would be so important that this deed would be so unthinkable.

back to basic's such as "dont you dare hurt your sister"or "dont you dare speek to me like that", these sentences are carried with you threw-out a lifetime, and thats what makes the world respectful, but its up to the youth that has heard these sayings to continue to use them with their own children ect: and maybe then we will have a world full of responsable people and these sad acts of creulty will no longer happen,

Sorry that went on abit,,, but thats my opinion on life to-day, all across the globe. Respect whats the price of it??

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hmmm ... a computer in Europe with no Euro sign ... it's probably hid some where under neath a combinations of key strokes. Do you have a utility that let's you see the keyboard and key stroke ccombinatioins?

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