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7 Jun 2002
Somethings wrong on the e- card site.

First, the earliest date to mail the card is showing as 07/07/02. Can't wait a month to send my card !

Secondly, the message that goes with the card is not showing up on the preview card, although the music does play.

Thanks:confused: :confused:
Hi Barbara,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

I have just tested our eCards in Netscape 4.79, IE 6.0, Mozilla 1.0 and Opera 6.0 and encountered no problems. Also the date stamp was correct.

Which browser and OS are you using?
Hi Thomas

Thanks for writing. I am using IE 5.l, and MAC OS 9.1. I have visited this site before and sent an e-card with no problem.


I've seen them on the reference pages, but I have no idea what they are for!!!. I've meant to ask, but I don't want to sound too stupid, so here I sound stupid Lolol, help hehe

@ Barbara

I'm not sure whether this could be related to the OS or perhaps to your PC's settings. Unfortunately, I have no Mac to test the script (shame on me!)...

@ Deborah

Please feel free to ask whatever's on your mind, no, I insist that you do!

This rudimentary eCard service allows you to send virtual greetings to other persons (just like Bluemountain.com). Just select a card (our selection isn't so great yet) and fill out the fields. We even offer background MIDIs, hehe, all J-related.
yes I did it and everybody I know is getting one😄

they are great fun and the music is bril, I learned something new again lol, thank-you!
Hi Deb and Thomas

Thanks for your reply. I just went back to the e-card site, and everything was O.K. Maybe I just caught it at the exact moment there was trouble. I was so happy to see the Japanese food section in the cards withe the udon. I use to call my friend in Japan "Noodle Man" because it seems like thats all he ate. So the udon card was perfect for him. Even more, I use to sing "Sukiyaki" in Nihongo when we went to Karaoke, so it was the greatest to be able to attach that song to the card. I have sent my friends in Japan e-mails to recommend the Japan Forum site to them.
I'm glad it finally worked, Barbara! And thanks you for recommending the Japan Forum to your friends.
hi, everybody, sorry for bringing it up only now (a few months after the last post in this thread), but i'd like to know where i can find these japanese e-cards, pls!
:confused: don't know where...!
Hi Olivia🙂

the e-cards can be found at the bottom of this page(with loads of other interesting items) under the "Japanese reference page" title. The e-cards are on a list to your right, If you need any further help ect, please ask 🙂
I've added two or three new cards last week. Now, that my pages have migrated and we have accomplished moving to a new apartment, I'll add more eCards. Thanks for your interest!

Japanese eCards

I have just added two new eCards kindly provided by Hiroe from hiroette.com


Hiroe-san displays beautiful graphics at her site, some of them (like the Sheep card) remind me of Dali.
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