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29 Nov 2019
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Hi ! I am Patrycja and I come from Poland.
I have always been interested in Japan and this year I was able to fulfill my dream and fly here for several months. I decided on Hokkaido, which is an island famous for its nature and landscapes. I also snowboard and work as a lodge manager in Niseko.
I am a traveler. Interesting about the world, culture, but above all people. I run a blog (which I want to reactivate) and a YouTube channel (I have already published the first video from your country). Japan surprises me very much, it is a country of controversies. Incredibly advanced account technology attachment to tradition. Shibuya madness and conservative provinces.
I want to create a "story from a Japanese life" project. I would like to collect dozens of stories - short or long, it does not matter. I would like to know the most important, the happiest, saddest, most drastic or groundbreaking story of your life.

Or get to know your opinion about religion, marriage, the modern world, inequalities between women and men. I'm interested in everything. I am so curious about you Japanese.
I know that the Japanese are very secretive and this action will not succeed with people met live. However, the Internet gives a lot more scope. I address you directly, but what you write can be anonymous - if you want, or I can sign a nickname. It gives you total security and people at the other end of the world will be able to move and stop over your story.

My website: www.zdalaoddomutravel.pl
Fb: Z dala od domu
YT: Z dala od domu
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