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Japanese Children's shows

10 Aug 2003
I'm looking for some Japanese children's shows.Maybe ニ短ニ探ニ蓄ニ湛ニ暖ニ椎?ツーニ暖 (Sesamisutorito/sesame street) of course in Japanese. I know I could find something of the sort on Japanese Amazon.com or something, but I live in america and I believe that website is for residents of Japan, not to mention I can't read any kanji beyond numbers so I'm not gonna figure anything out. I'm really looking for this type thing so I can improve my Japanese, I think it would really help but I just can't find any anywhere. Please if you know any websites or places or anything where I could obtain such things please help. Thnx.
If you do find a source for Japanese childrens' shows I recommend "Sazae san" It is not only helpful for learning Japanese but also teaching us about traditional family life and culture. It's cute and funny too! ;)
Watching kids anime would be my bet too. I suggest Chibi Michiko-chan. Theres some others that are good, nice and simple, but i forgot the names 😌
But the biggest problem of all for me is WHERE to purchase such things, I can't find a place online in ENGLISH, i know far too little japanese to figure out a website, let alone ordering things offline with a credit card, that just sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
Some of these are out on DVD, you can buy them online from www.yesasia.com (they're all region 2 so you'll need a multi-region player)
The ones you can't buy are often downloadable using edonkey, winmx, etc...
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