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Japanese Children's Shows

10 Aug 2003
I really would like to find some children's shows in Japanese. You know, like Japanese Sesame Street which I can't remmeber how to spell. So if you know anything that is like a children's show that would improve my Japanese please let me know.
They used to have an animated series called Nippon Mukashi Banashi that dealt with Japanese folklore from olden days.....those were always pretty interesting... :D

the most bizarre children's show I watched there was called Ugo Ugo Ruuga (backwards for Go Go Girl)...really brain damaging weird... :(
If so inclined you can probably find Sesame Street in Japanese on VHS through the Japanese version of Amazon.com (amazon.co.jp) or the like. They will probably have other more Japanese shows on video you can track down through their site too. Good luck.
You could also order TV Japan if you have Dish Network or digital cable. They show several kids' shows like Okaasan to Issho(With Mother), Inai Inai Ba(Peek-a-Boo), and a few others. That is how I picked up a lot of Japanese myself--by watching them with my kids.

Of course, you have to try to overlook those high pitched voices which are like fingernails scraping down a chalkboard to me...
I like sazae-san! You get to see traditional family life and different cultural aspects of day-to-day life.
I even understand you can get it in manga form in English?
Anyway, it's a great show ;)
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