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Japanese characters on the computer


26 May 2003
Please help me. My computer doesn't have Japanese characters or whatever. There are just little boxes where Japanese characters are supposed to be. How can I make it better?
That's right. Download the necessary IME (Input Method Editor) from the Microsoft Web site, according to your OS. All the instructions about how to download and install the software are there. There are a couple of resources on this site as well.

Office XP Tool: Global IME (Japanese)
plz help meh!! my computer doesnt have japanese characters or watvere.... there are juss lioll boxes wheere jap carcs are supposed to be.. how can i amek it bettah?

Looks like you better get a new keyboard while you're at it. You seem to be missing some keys or something.
The little boxes on the screen don't have anything to do with his keyboard. They simply mean that his OS does not have the proper encoding (fonts) to display Japanese characters correctly. Downloading and installing the Japanese Global IME should solve that.
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