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Japanese Candy


22 Oct 2002
I was just thinking and happened to run across memories of botan rice candy. (It is Japanese, right?) It has to be one of my absolute favorite candys ever, but it can be very hard to find here where I live. This started me thinking, what kinds of candy do the japanese have? What are the traditional kinds? What are the best kinds? Just thought I would ask.
oooo!! i dont know what kinds there are but i know there are good ones my pen pall sends candy to me all the time ^_^ i'm so spoiled!:D
One of the most famous manufacturers of candies is Fujiya, Japanese grow up with "Milky" and the images of Pekochan and Pokochan.

=> http://www.japanreference.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=557

I personally like "amanatto" made of sweet bean jelly. it's really delicious with green tea.
Lotte, don't they also sponsor their own baseball team?

I always wondered about that German name...
Yeah, they do have their own baseball team.

Lotte is a South Korean company. In Seoul they have this huge amusement center, called Lotte World.

Lotte chocolate is pretty good. I like it better than Hersey!
yah, lotte can be good but yappa japanese original candy is the best ive had in my whole life as a japanese~ tehehe~
(^o^) i love Haichu- and suppa Candies~ they r all so sweet!
It isn't really candy, but I love wagashi. Usually beautifully made tiny 'cakes' of sticky rice with beanpaste inside. Each season has it own designs. During Spring you can for example find exquisite ones that resemble cherry blossom. I especially like the one that resembles a peach. Yummmmm!

Ate a pack of Pocky Coconut yesterday. Must have been the most expensive candy i ever ate.
2.5 Euro for just 16 sticks... :mad:
Welp, that's the drawback of J-food in Europe. We have a few Japanese food stores in our area, but we resort to Thai or Korean products whenever possible.
Hi Lilasiasia🙂 and welcome to the forum.

These types of candy I have to admit I have never heard of, but if anyone is willing to send me some, hehe, kidding I just love all kinds of candy,and this thread is giving me an awful notion for a munch attack:clap:
Morinaga makes the best candy. I lived on Hi-chew and milk caramels for awhile...bu Morinaga stopped (I guess, it's no longer available here...nor anywhere else I used to get it) making the Cream Soda hi-chew kids....that was my favorite...I can still taste it and I miss it.
haha, I bought some POKI about 30 minutes ago at the local conbini 7/11.

198 yen for the box. hmmm

198 yen for a box of 9 chocolate truffle imitation soft choclate.
Great stuff but dam ... that's like 20 yen per dinky piece. Size per ball was a bit smaller than a super ball.

So I guess the Euro prices aren't that bad ... or are they?
Oooops, calulator that's part of my system on my computer says 1.62 Euro
2.5 Euro is 304 yen. Ouch you all are being ripped off!
ooh ooh ooh i love candy!!! any candy!! at all!!! 😄 😄 😄

soooo does anyone know where to get those candies...theyre really old style...called kompeitou??? i saw them in spirited away (fabulous film) and it brought back childhood memories...

i dont spose its possible to make them?

i love love love the Lotte ume gum. its soooo tasty! ooh ooh and i dont quite know what they are, but theyre round white candies in a pop out package much like...like aspirin actually! they tasted sooo good.
What do you call that candy that's like a little round flat marshmallow with a filling inside ? Someone brought me some from Japan with apple filling. It was delicious but I can't find it here. I don't remember the name so I can't ask for it.
hehe well seeing as no one else wants to answer...

those marshmallows you're talking about? i know what they are, theyve been marketed under different names...the one i can think of most readily is mr. marshmallow :p heehe

kinda look like these guys, dont they?! :) i dunno where you can buy them in japan...i know theyre a kind of asian sweet at least cos i get them in singapore and from "asian specialty" shops in australia. try one of those shops! goodluck!
Apparently they sell these marshmallow sweets in the small grocery shop at the edge of London's chinatown (the shop next to the jewellers). I'll check it out next time I'm in London. Wish I could find them in Scotland though !
Hi-Chews are pretty good. Last pretty long while they melt in your mouth. Gummi products are just as sweet. ;)
Some traditional candy or snacks include - kinako mochi, norimaki mochi, ohagi, shiratama dango (my favorite), karinto, chakin shibori, and sembei with sugar.

Some newer candies are - Pockey, Hi-Chew, Chocolate Almonds (freakin awesome), Milk Caramels, Melty Kiss, Koara no machi, Yan Yan.

candy rules.
Originally posted by fsuman110
Some traditional candy or snacks include - kinako mochi, norimaki mochi, ohagi, shiratama dango (my favorite), karinto, chakin shibori, and sembei with sugar.

I love karinto...and I'm out of it... 😭
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