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24 Sep 2002

Hi everyone,

I am new to the board. I am writing a thesis on Japanese Management and I was wondering if people can help me out.

I posted on another board but did not receive too many responses.

I am wondering about the place of women in the workplace.
Are you aloud to take time off for vacations.
does anyone still have lifetime employement.
Do you receive bounses and if so is it deducted from your regular pay.

and anything else you want to tell me
youre help is greatly appreciated.

welcome and yoroshiku.

I've posted about the women and lifetime employment in other threads.

Bonuses, are a funny creature. It's not part of your pay but rather a "bonus" that has come to be expected. Although, these days the amount of "bonus" has fairly much dropped. No "bonuses" weren't originally deducted.

time off for vacations is only the time that national or company holidays are allowed. Period. Today, if you use your vacatioin time, expect that vacation to be extended permanently.


Don't forget to check out Thomas mass of links that he has on his main page.
Hi Everyone,

I have been searching for the links but I cant seem to find them can you please tell me how to get to them.

Another question I have and I havent looked at previous posts so it may be out there, but
How do you think started the Japanese management style? I have seen references to confucious (spelled wrong) or Dr Deming or maybe you know of someone else..

thanks again

ps you guys are very friendly not like some of the other boards I have been on.
Japanese business management is probably just an extension of the government from the Edo period and a mix of traditional social hierarchy which would explain the confucious link.
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