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Japanese Black population


23 Oct 2003
How big is the Japanese Black population...Do they usually date Japanese women or do they pretty much stick to their own?

(If you are thinking about making any racist comments, just do yourself a favor and exit this thread before you prove to everybody how stupid you are.)
Well I'm not black but since there seems to be a lot more black guys than girls in Japan, I'm sure they would usually date Japanese women. For more info on these kinds of questions, check out the forums at BLACK TOKYO
"or do they pretty much stick to their own?"
i disagree with that statement(or the way it it was said), but i will say that it is EXACTLY the opposite
they don't even do the nod over there
I am black and Japanese. It all depends on geography. If you are in a place that offers you an abundance of the native people there and a scarcity of the people of your race; then odds are, you have a bigger chance to be with someone who is of another race. It is safe to assume that the majority of black people in Japan (Who live there permanently, and those in the military) are probably with Japanese women. Not because they are the only people around, but because of the access to them. Nothing racist about it....it's just science.
I don't see why you'd have to ask this question in the first place and to me it sounds like your asking how many lions are in a pen, you scared of lions or something? I'm not, I'm a cheetah.



it does seem like it gets asked every other month at least, doesn't it? hmmm
I am black Jamaican-American, my girl is philipino...I am just trying to spread the love.
Originally posted by CGPGroup
I am black Jamaican-American, my girl is Filipina. I am just trying to spread the love.

Spread the love? How so? Meet new friends who like Asian girls? You should check out

I'm a regular poster there on their forum and I'm pretty sure you'd meet a lot of cool people whom you'd be interested in meeting.

Yeah if you need tips on spreading the love, Ghettocities will show you the way. I think he tries to spread the love at least five times a night.
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