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25 May 2003
Would anyone like to just reel off a list of Japanese artists and/or songs that I should listen to? I'd appreciate it...anything in the language that's worth a hear.
Story, Vanilla, Secret Garden, ~Emu For My Dear~, Dears, Mizerable, U+K, Mirror, Papa Lapped A Pap Lopped, Kimi No Tame Ni Dekiru Koto.

Malice Mizer:
Illuminati, Le Ciel, Ma Cherie, Shiroi, Beast Of Blood.

All of those are really great songs!
The Blue Hearts
Hi Standard
-any of their cover songs (California Dreamin' , saturday Night, etc.
Lolita #18
-Hang on Snoopy, I wanna be an Anarchist
Love Psycadelic(sp?)
The Happies
-I don't know if they have an album out, but they rocked my world!
-TV (dub version), Anarchy City.

That's a very tough question to answer... there are very talented Japanese artists in virtually every musical style you could want. Could you tell us a little about other music you like? I could try and help out with some Japanese artists who perform similar styles... otherwise, there's really just too many to list here.

Thanks, and hope I can help!

If you want to know some good Japanese artists of a certain style. Tell me. I know of some I could tell you about
Hmm .. Japanese artists. It's hard to tell you because it really depends on your taste - Jpop, Jrock .. ya know?Hmm .. Onitsuka Chihiro is very good! I don't want to name the wrong type of music so let us know what you like to listen to. ^^
Well, I think you should hear some of the songs from the Pillows. Such as "Thank you, My Twilight" or "Last Dinosuar". I love those songs. Oh and check out some songs by Gackt.
Dir en Grey ^.^
k...and im sure youve gotten a lot of things by now >< but im always here if you want to know of any more
KanjiKat said:
Would anyone like to just reel off a list of Japanese artists and/or songs that I should listen to? I'd appreciate it...anything in the language that's worth a hear.

you probably don't come on this site anymore, but i'll "reel off a [really succinct] list" of songs i recommend, anyways. One song per artist. Varying genres.

Malice Mizer - au revoir
Chemistry - Point of No Return
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Entrance
D - Night-ship "D"
Onmyouza - Nue
the brilliant green - Forever to Me
Lareine - suna no shiro de nemuru koibito
Olivia - Blind Unicorn
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Drop
Dir en grey - Mazohyst of Decadence
Bonnie Pink - Senaka
+D'espairsRay+ - Subliminal
GO!GO!7188 - Ukifune
Luna Sea - Love Song
The Back Horn - requiem
Due le quartz - Rodeo
fra-foa - Secret Garden
Baiser - Psychoballet
I WiSH - Ashita e no tobira
Kuroyume - Yuri no Hanataba
Sex Machineguns - Yonaoshi GOOD VIBRATION
Amadeus - Kyozonokami
hide - Pink Spider
B'z - Juice
Buck-Tick - ~nocturne~ Rain Song
Pride of Mind - Salome
Shiina Ringo - Shuukyou
New Sodmy - Catwalk
day after tomorrow - My Faith
D'erlanger - LA VIE EN ROSE
Tackey & Tsubasa - To be, or not to be
Kozi - izayoi no tsuki
Judy and Mary - Daydream
Gackt - Mizerable
Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai no Merry Go Round
Glay - Special Thanks
The Pillows - Hybrid Rainbow
JE*REVIENS - Jikan no Suna
L'Arc~en~ciel - Niji
Noodles - Black Clover
Moi Dix Mois - La dix croix
Orange Range - Viva Rock
Penicillin - Chaos
Porno Graffiti - Mugen
Rentrer en Soi - Sincerely
T.M. Revolution - INVOKE
X Japan - Silent Jealousy
The Yellow Monkey - Kyukon

I am super obsessed with Sugary sweet McPop pop! so if you like Sugary sweet pop, then most of these would be worth a listen too ^___^b
Hello! Project anything (but especially Melon Kinenbi and Morning Musume)
Ayumi Hamasaki
Hikaru Utada
BoA - Her Korean and english stuff is fantastic too
Aki Maeda - Gomen Ne (its such a beautiful song!!)
Crystal Kay
Mihimaru GT
Namie Amuro
Miyuki Kanbe - Rainbow Notes (SO cute!!!)
Fruits Punch
Mai Kuraki
Ami Ozaki
Bishoujo Club 21 (or 31 as they are now) they are only just starting up, but the lead singer Beni Arashiro has 2 singles out and they are very good too.
Rei Saito - Ano Tsuki no You Ni (*swoons*)

Also, PV's are reeaallly goodness if you like the Mp3's too!

Dir en Grey- pink killer (awesome)
The Pillows- ride on a shooting star
" "- Little Busters
I like Gackt, V6, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Hide, BoA...and a few others, but I haven't heard much...Dir en Grey are good too...

From Gackt I really love Vanila, Mirror, Mizerable, Daremo inai heya de (something like that...lol..its that one song he sings for the Dears...)
From V6 I like way too much stuff to name..lol..I have their Very Best and Seven CD's..From L'Arc~En~Ciel I like Finale and that's the only thing I've heard..lol..The only song I've heard from BoA is Every Heart from Inu Yasha...
^^ 👍
L'arc en ciel = hitomi no juunin (sorry if I make a mistake write their song), cradle (too..too..too..too...sad song :( ), shout at the devil (my second official l'arc's song), honey (sweet :) ), and all their song in "REAL" ( I think that is their best album).

Janne Da Arc = love their song such as shining ray, maria, etc

Malize Mizer = from album "merveilles"....nice!! 🙂

Gackt = still wait his album from my friend hehehe....so no comment 😊

Dir En Grey = huhuhu..honestly,...still learn to hear their song. too heavy for a girl like me 😌
Yes, I would recommend Gackt. He has an awesome voice and a incredible talent for composing and songwriting.

Further, Jay Chou aka Zhou Jie Lun, but he sings mandarin chinese, but is also a great musical talent.

There are a lot of great bands like L'arc en ciel, dir en grey, X Japan, Luna sea, etc. etc.

And there is this guy called Miyavi, quite known, who doesn't have the greatest voice, but he has fun making music and makes good music too. And off course Hyde.

These are all males.

For male singers I would suggest Mika Nakashima, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Rurutia, etc, etc.

I also like garnet crow, janne d'arc, do as infinity.

and blablabla. I could go on for hours.
I like anything performed by Ken Hirai and MISIA.

Namie Amuro is also great. But her fast songs are, in my opinion, better than her slow songs.

I am not very fond of bands and male/female group performers. One exception is Tokyo Jihen. Their songs are atypical in a very elegant way I think. Their songs grow on me.

Also started listening to Kawaguchi Kyougo. His songs are, like Hirai Ken's, very soothing and relaxing.......
all l'arc~en~ciel songs
gackt - marmalade and vanilla
x japan - forever love, tears, hide's last song
Suprised I haven't seen these bands come up yet:

Some Indies Genre:

Mongol 800
Shaka Labbits

Some of my daily listen to's
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