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japanese and african americans

Maybe it depends. But here in Okinawa, I know plenty of African Americans that are going out with Japanese women. I went to snall Reggea type bar just the other night and I saw another couple together talking and holding hands....;)
It is a question that is much harder to answer than one may think.

While in Okinawa there is a great number of Americans around (due to the military base in the area) and they do often date Japanese women in that section of the country, there is a mass hysteria going around about an increase in gaijin-crimes that is making Americans quite unpopular.

As far as African Americans are concerned, it is even more difficult for them due to the amount of stereotypes associated with them. However, being courteous and friendly does help one's cause and will make it a lot easier to live and get around in Japan. There are always those few who don't care what you do, and even more who will stare (whether it be out of curiosity or just to be rude), but Japan is a very xenophobic nation: don't expect miracles over night. It's just the way society behaves...
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