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6 Feb 2003
I've just returned from my holiday in Japan which was AMAZING to say the least ... thing is, I really want to download some of the fantastically strange TV adverts I saw there.

Any clue where I can find them ?
haha!!! they are ace!!!!! :D

I like the Nova ones with the Usagi ..they make no sense ..well, they probably do if you understand japanese..;)

Dumb question alert ! : does Usagi mean Rabbit? .. .. told ya it was dumb.. ;)

Yeah, I really like Suntory's commercials! :D
ツ?エNensho-kei Nensho-kei Amino-shikiツ?エ That amino drink one is my most favorite commercial!
That commercial is saying "If you drink Amino-shiki, you don't need to exercise like that (to burn fat)".

I also like DAKARA series. (main character is Manikin Piss)
http://www.suntory.co.jp/softdrink/dakara/move/ (click the videotape on the right side)

And this is another amino drink commercial from another company, KIRIN.
They are Amino Rangers who have problems with their health.
Red:Overweight Pink:skin(pimple?sunburn?) Blue:weak constitution
Green:drunkard(liver trouble) Yellow:poor consentration(spiritless)
And they say "Rescue ourselves!!".

Originally posted by Porl
Dumb question alert ! : does Usagi mean Rabbit? .. .. told ya it was dumb.. ;)

Yes! Usagi is Rabbit. It's not dumb question. ;)
ツ ツ ツ?ソツ?ソ
ツ ツ( ツ・ニ津鳴・ツ)
I love the CC Lemon theme!

Im going to sit and watch these in tomorrows computing class, my friends will think im nuts!
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