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Japanese address?


30 Mar 2004
Does anyone know how to say yoru address in japanese? I am suppose to give my address for my class in japanese, but I can't find it in the text book :( They want us to do this, but the text book doesn't have it, just some basics, so I am confused. A friend said he thinks its doro for address, I might of missed heard him, it was on the phone. So would it be like doro wa (street address) desu ka? any idea?
Addresses are tough in Japan because not every street is named like in the U.S.
Some houses are located on narrow alleyways.

Are you trying to translate your U.S. address into Japanese?

You always start from the largest district first and work your way down.

California-Shuu (state)
Santa Monica-Shi (city)
6 choume (street)

hope that helps.

In NYC, the Japanese refer to the streets, e.g., 42nd St., 34th St., 8th St., as __ "Choume" (sanjuu yon choume) and Avenues as __ "Bangai" (go bangai)
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