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27 Jun 2003
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I came upon some japanese covers of english songs, like Shimatani Hitomi's Papillon, cover of Janet Jackson, some anime tunes, covering Country Roads and Sugar Baby Love, and an old cover Platter's Save the last Dance for me.
Especially Country Roads sounds extremely funny, becuase its words actually do not quite fit the melody.
And Shimatani Hitomi definetely sounds much better to me than Janet Jackson. Besides that the japanese lyrics are the more beatiful.

Does anybody know more japanese cover versions?
I know that Miki Imai and Tommy Febrau y 6did some english ones.
But I am more interested in covers with japanese words...
Juemilia recently did a Japanese version of All the things she said from T.a.t.U.

Another one from a few years back is Club Zipangu from Rina Chinen (published only as Rina), which is a cover of Ricky Martin's She Bangs
Classic singer Hideki Saijo did a version of the song "Bailamos", though I can't remember who did the original (Enrique Iglesias?)...

Hiromi Go did a rather legendary Japanese version of Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" which was titled "Goldfinger '99"...

An artist named Goro did a Japanese version of the Carlos Santana song "Smooth", which was titled "Ai ga mera-mera"...

There were also a lot of covers done in the 1960's if you look back that far... for example, I believe it was the Carnabeats who did a cover of the Zombies' song "I Love You" which was titled "Sukisa sukisa sukisa"...

There are plenty of others too... but that's all I can remember off the top of my head... hope this helps...

Hideki covered YMCA '79 which was a huge hit in Japan under the "Young Man" title.
'83 -"Night Game" cover (Graham Bonnet)
'84 "Dakishimete Jitterbug" -cover song for Wham's "Careless Whisper". Ironically, Hiromi Go released the same cover song .
Hideki also covered Enrique's father, Julio's song, "33 anos"
under the title "33 sai"in '88.
As MHtrStevie posted, "Bailamos" was Enrique's hit song covered in '99 by Hideki.
79 of Hideki's 84 songs are original. His 85th single, "Sodai Gomi Jyane"-music & lyrics by Tsunku will be released on 7/23. I hope a lot of people will take notice and give it a listen!
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