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8 Oct 2002
ocotober 11,2002

i have never been to Japan

what are the beers to drink their, that "normal" people drink.

which are good, and which are to be avoided
(for example, Budweisers is an awfull beer to me !!)

Japan regulars .....

Sapporo = Black Label
Asahi = Super Dry
Kirin = Lager or Ichiban shibori

Suntory = Malts ----- gives me a headache even after 2,3 beers I hate the stuff. Suntory though does make good whiskey, they just suck at beer.

Of course, the 4 major makers offer other lines but these seem to be everywhere. I haven't really seen smaller breweries except for local home brew setups.
I'm a weirdo. When I am in Amreica, I drink Japanese beers. When I am in Japan, I drink American beers. Asahi is my favorite Japanese beer by far.

I also drink Coronas in japan but you know at most places they cost 800yen? i could easily buy twelve bottles in the america for the price of two bottles in japan, so i always stuck to hard alcohol to get me toe-up, bartenders are usually cool about bringing the liqour to the brim of your favorite mixed drink and thats cheaper than getting 500yen shots. Asashi and all other japanese beers are terrible, I swear they have an anti-gaijin chemicle of some sort in them. aa, i can't wait until my inhibitions are lowered once again in the raising sun, only a few days left.

Go for the shochu.

100ml of 25% (say) Takarakko (Ichikko, Jun, Daigoro, or any of the other major brands is fine)
2 cubes ice
100ml water (no ice - hot water in winter)
50ml mixer (20ml if 100%)

The way my father-in-law taught me...

(By the way, has the same alcohol equivalent as 1x500ml 5% beer.)

Really cheap, but wonderful stuff
Thanks for the tip "TheCaledonian"...I say asahi then kirin and then sapporo would be my listing of favorites

also, budweiser does suck...all my friends love it but to me it is too bitter
I used to be a brewer so I will chime in here. The big 4 brewers in Japan all produce somewhat bland versions of german style lagers. They all use rice as an adjunct for cost cutting and flavor lighting measures. My personal favorites are Kirin Ichiban and Sapporo black label. Both have a good malt flavor with a little bit of hop aroma. Kirin has a nice winter beer out right now called "maribana" Very nice hop flavor and aroma. If you can try and find some of the Japanese microbreweries. They can be pretty good. Stay away from "Haposhu" It is the cut rate wattered down "beer" that they sell for cheap because of tax breaks. Tastes like crap and makies you crap. Worst Japanese beer is heartland. It should be called hangoverland

Japan's drinkers love the 'medicine' of cheap beer

As punters turn away from heavily taxed beer, a cheap substitute made from sea water may soon become the nation's favourite ale.

=> http://www.sundayherald.com/29795



=> 発泡酒の税制を考える会・トップページ

=> http://www.asahibeer.co.jp/english/companye/happo.html

=> http://www.gate39.com/sake/happoshuTax.aspx

=> [DLMURL]http://demography.narod.ru/alco/jbeer.html[/DLMURL]

Any new beers to add to the thread ?

Bumping this one up , must be some new beers since 2002. What's you favorite or worst?

Uncle Frank


I...never drink...beer.

But when in Japan and if I am in a setting where beer is to be consumed, it'll be Asahi Super Dry.
When I lived in Japan, and unless the tax laws are different, many people drink Hopposhu instead of real bear... or, what my gf refered to as "Fake beer"...

Still, don't let the naming fool you, it tastes like beer, looks like beer, and has the exact same effect as beer, and you'll see the commercials on television right along side the 'real thing'... it makes a thrifty alternative to the much more expensive original.

You'll see these


...cans in the street here and there. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that Japanese people do not litter---

I also drank a lot of Heiniken, because it was the only beer I could find anywhere in bottles. I never bought a 'six-pack' of beer, as there weren't any to be purchased anywhere, and sort of just smurfed together a sixpack of my own, and then a few additional ones later....

I just saw that Thomas mentioned this earlier, but, oh well, at least I include a new picture.
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