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8 Oct 2002
I found this web-site on Japanese culture, which was something like "www.j-culture.com", something like this !!

It contained a great piece on popular JAPAN TV Shows. A picture from the show, and the actors, and the basic plot.

I cannot find this web-site again.

The website was in English

If you're into Japanese T.V. check out London Boots. Those guys really crack me up. Especially the love triangle episodes they do. Also "99". I use to teach English to Okamura-san at GEOS. "No kidding" He's a great guy! In person he's really quiet and shy! Of course he's quite funny though!

Check out London Boots and 99!

Take it easy,

Ricoche 😄
Hi there,

I'll have to check around. As I usually watch it on T.V. I don't usually check any websites, but since you asked I'll take a look around and see if I can find any. Or because I do a lot of video work in Japan I can capture some photos off T.V. if you'd like to have a look. I'm sure they're on the web somewhere. I'll get back to you on this shortly.


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